Mill Masters new High Frequency Welded 300 Series Stainless Steel Tube Mills


Introducing Mill Masters new High Frequency Welded 300 Series Stainless Steel Tube Mill. Mill Masters Engineers have developed a new process for High Frequency Welding 300 series Stainless Steel at speeds in excess of 400 feet per minute (122m/min). This technology breakthrough is changing the Thin Wall Stainless Steel Industry. The Spectrum Stainless Steel Series of Tube Mills will produce Stainless Steel Tubing from 8mm to 26mm in diameter in most any shape equivalent to the diameter. Wall thicknesses range from .010 to .030" (.25 to .76mm). The tubes manufactured on the Mill Masters Spectrum Stainless Steel Series Tube Mill are for most any Stainless application including high pressure applications. The tubes manufactured meet ASTM  851/E426/A450/A450M and applicable ASTM 249 specifications with optional annealing furnace. Inline cut offs are available for cutting lengths down to 12" (304mm) with a continuous non-interrupted operation. The Spectrum Series of Tube Mills are fully integrated and testing in our facility to insure a quick start up and years of service in your plant.
Applications include: Boiler Tube, Heat Exchangers, EGR Cooler Tubes, Condensers and many other high pressure and decorative uses.

Mill Masters also offers the Premier series TIG mills for lower production requirements. Both the Spectrum series and Premier series utilize the latest technology and state of the art controls. Both series can be supplied as a completely integrated mill system, from payoff through to the take up, or as a partial system designed around your applicable existing components. Mill Masters Tube Mills are built for years of service and offer a level of quality that can only be found at Mill Masters.


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