CuproBraze© In-Line Tube Spray System

Mill Masters "Patent Pending" Cuprobraze Tube In-Line Spray System.This system features the latest technology developed by Mill Masters and our suppliers.

Tube can be coated on the tube mill and speed over 122 meters per minute. This is a custom wire system complete with enclosure and dust collection system.

The system will coat the outside of your CuproBraze tubes with a braze coating.
The braze coating adheres instantly to the surface of the tube so no dry time is required.








There are two systems available; one for radiator tubes only and another one for both radiator and CAC tubes.

This new process replaces the paste coating process, which required secondary "off-line" processing machine. The paste coating process requires additional labor with high maintenance costs, high scrap levels, and requires more braze media (paste coating). The wire used is proprietary but is available through worldwide distribution.

The estimated deposit efficiency for this process is 70% to 80% depending on the tube size and line speeds. Testing to date shows that our wire spray process uses 50% less material then the current paste coating process. This represents a significant savings not only in material but also in labor costs as well.

For more information please contact a Mill Masters sales representative.



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