RC340 Tech Specs:

Material: Aluminum and Brass

Thickness: up to .5mm

Cut Length: 101mm – 1080mm (+/- 0.5mm)
1080mm and up (+/- 0.8mm)

Max Height: 80mm

Max Width 10mm
Max Speed: 150 MPM

Cuts/ minute: 600 cuts/min

Air pressure: 4 bar, 19mm line, or
60psi, ¾” line

Tool Change Time: 10 minutes

Used High Speed Rotary Cutoffs for radiator tube mills

FOR SALE! RS200, Right to Left operation 2003 RS200model cutoff  

FOR SALE! RS200, Left to Right operation 2003 RS200 model cutof

For more information please contact a Mill Masters sales representative

Phone: 1-731-668-5558



About the RC340 Rotary Cut Off

The Mill Masters RC340 Rotary Cut Off Machine is designed for cutting flat oval shaped tubes in line with a high-speed tube mill. Utilizing Mill Masters proprietary software designed to control the mechanical components, the RC340 offers excellent cut quality.

The tubes are cut using a precision blade as it passes through the cut off die set. The blade is mounted on a rotating cutter arm driven by a servomotor.

The blade passes through the tube at an extremely high speed resulting in a very short cutting time. The RC340 adjustable blade position feature gives the tube mill engineer precision control over of where the cut-off blade point enters the radius of the tube. This allows each different tube shape to be cut with minimum bur and minimum end-cut deformation.

The tube cut length is adjustable on the fly while the tube mill is in operation. All functions are controlled via a touch screen terminal mounted directly at the cut off machine. Scrap and downtime are eliminated.

Note: Each Tube size to be produced requires one cut off die set assembly.

Documentation included:  Operating Manual, Safety Instructions, Maintenance Instructions, Spare Part List.




Master Cut Tech Specs:

Cut 6mm to 25mm diameter steel tubing

Wall thickness up to 1mm depending on tube diameter

Line speeds up to 15 meters per minute

Cutting speed up to 38 cuts per minute using single-cut dies

Length ranging from 450mm to 6 meters can be changed on the fly

Cut quantities programmed in batches

Cut recipes stored for future application

Single-cut or double-cut (dimple-free) actions
Lengths changed on the fly

Durable design and construction offer years of precision performance with minimal operating cost
.The Master Cut Flying Shear Cutoff can be installed on tube mills from any manufacturer and outfitted with several guard designs and a variety of tube handling equipment.

Fast, easy blade and cutting die replacement. Compact, durable design eliminates hydraulics and
reduces maintenance.

For more information please contact a Mill Masters sales representative

Phone: 1-731-668-5558






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