Quantum Series
The Mill Masters Quantum Series of tube mills utilize a lockseam or folded tube technology. The Quantum Series has the capacity to produce aluminum or brass flat oval tube ranging from 9mm to 50mm in height. This series of tube mill is an inexpensive alternative to the welded mills due to the absence of a welder.

Automotive Heat Exchangers, Radiators, Heater Cores, and Oil Coolers.

Quantum Tech Specs
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Mill Type
OD (min & Max)
Wall Size
Quantum Series
Model Q-922L
Lockseam Flat Oval 0.1mm-0.3mm .004"-.012" Brass 9 x 1.5mm-
22 x 3mm
Quantum Series
Model Q-1250F
Folded Tube Flat Oval 0.25mm-1mm .010"-.040" Aluminum 12 x 1.5mm-
50 x 3mm
Quantum Series
Model Q-1322O
Overlap Tube Flat Oval 0.25mm-1mm .010"-.040" Aluminum 13 x 2mm-
22x 2mm

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